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Its to hard to move away and say someone goodbye. But sometimes its became destiny. We have to do this we like or not. Sometimes there happened something horrible that we can’t bear anymore and moves away. Lets see some moving away quotes maybe these can help you a bit.

Moving away quotes 1 :
► Don’t cray for what happened, smile because its already gone.

Moving away quotes 2 :

► “This is not the end. This is not even the beginning of the end. It is, instead, the end of the beginning” – Winston Churchill.

Moving away quotes 3:

► Don’t think its as goodbye, its just someday i may not meet with you.


Lets read some more quotes :

► Just wait more few days, few months, or few years. I am going to come back to you forever.

► Give me a goodbye kiss & wait for me. I am not going i am just coming to you with perfect me.

Here i am coming with one of my favorite. You may also going to like it.

Favorite Moving away quotes :
◄ I always loved you, always going to love you. I promise when i come back i never going to leave you alone again. ►


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